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As  always, propaganda masquerades as news at the Associated Press; one recent dose assures us that there’s enough of The Jab to poison much of the world and all Americans, including children.

Incredibly to the AP, however,

More than 70 million Americans remain unvaccinated

Now, come on, Goebbels: far more than 70 million of us have balked.

despite the enticement of lottery prizes, free food or gifts and pleas from exhausted health care workers as the average number of deaths per day climbed to more than 1,900 in recent weeks. …

Among the challenges states face is not ordering too many doses and letting them go to waste. …

But U.S. officials — holding out hope that some of the unvaccinated will change their minds — are trying to keep enough vaccines in stock so all Americans can get them.

That balancing act is tricky and can lead to consternation around the globe as the U.S. sits on unused vaccines while many countries in places such as Africa can’t get enough vaccines.

I’m certain I speak for all the Unjabbed when I say, “Please, go ahead and send my dose overseas. Better yet, dump it in the sea.”


8:16 pm on September 27, 2021

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