We’re All Anti-Semites Now

One of New York City’s rulers has shrilled that implicitly comparing the apartheid of the Jab’s “passports” and Leviathan’s official persecution of the unJabbed to the holy Holocaust is “anti-semitic.”

Call me fanciful, but yeah, the parallels between the Nazis’ marginalizing of Jews—and Gypsies, and dissidents, and the physically and mentally handicapped, and a host of other “undesirables”; wherefore the myth that Hitler unleashed his atrocities only on Jews?—are as obvious as Uncle Joe Brandon’s senility.

At any rate, New York’s leech  had nothing better to do than excoriate a comedy club in Manhattan for posting an Instagram whose hashtags included “#Fmandate” and “#nurenberg” [sic]. Mind you, the body of the post didn’t say, “No Jews wanted in our club” or “Jews are pushing the plandemic.” Nope, you must go to the hashtags and hunt assiduously for two words you can twist to your own sick purposes.

Which is precisely what Julie Menin did. She then shrieked, “This post is deeply offensive. As a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I cannot condemn this strongly enough. No one should draw false equivalencies between Covid-19 mandates and the Holocaust. We must immediately call out hate speech and anti-Semitism.”

Hate speech? Anti-Semitism? I’m uncertain when merely mentioning anything connected to WWII became off-limits to us goy, but we should adamantly refuse to cooperate with such bullying.

Nor is Wacko Menin alone; indeed, most of the USSA’s institutions support her paranoia and hate. For example, last year when “Public Health Director” Amy Acton (who happened to be Jewish) terrorized Ohioans with “stay-at-home orders” and other nonsense, brave Patriots gathered at her house in protest (and effective protest, I might add: this female Stalin resigned not long afterward). They waved “signs, one of which read “Dr. Amy Over-Re-Acton Hairstylists Are Essential” and another that read “Let Freedom Work.” At a second protest, a placard stated, “‘Jewish Leaders John 7:1,’ a reference to Christian Scriptures. Specifically, the New Living Translation of that verse reads, ‘After this, Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea, where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death.’”

And how did the mainstream media report this admirable rejection of tyranny? “Protesters gathered in front of her Columbus-area home on weekends, some carrying guns and shouting slogans or carrying signs bearing anti-Semitic and sexist rhetoric, The Washington Post reported.”

It seems that objecting to anything a ruler who happens to be Jewish decrees is “anti-Semitic.” How convenient! In reality, Acton was thoroughly reprehensible, dictatorial, and prone to such comments as, “In some countries they’re looking at certificates to say you’re immune and therefore you’d be able to go about your business. It would be a dream if we could get something like that.”

Well. You can imagine the media’s feeding frenzy when a state senator and his wife correctly correlated Acton’s endorsement of this horror with the Nazis’ cruelty:

The director of Ohio’s health department offered her enthusiastic support for issuing a certificate to those who can prove immunity to COVID-19 in order to reopen their businesses.

The wife of a Republican Ohio state senator compared the idea to Nazi Germany. And her husband, Andrew Brenner, said “We won’t allow that to happen in Ohio.”

Sara Marie Brenner posted Tuesday evening on Facebook, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“With a German accent, in your head say ‘show me your papers’ … This is downright scary!” she wrote.

“You don’t issue people certificates to be able to function outside their home. … This actually feels like Hitler’s Germany where you had to have blonde hair and blue eyes to be able to function anywhere, and you were damned otherwise. When are people going to say enough is enough?”

The post was removed the next day amid criticism from both Democratic and Republican officeholders in Ohio.

Thank you, Gutless Wonders.

Sara Brenner also posted and later deleted a photo of an apparent Nazi concentration camp with the message: “If people were told to get in cattle cars to be taken to virus protection camps, most of you would rush to get in line …,” the Ohio Capital Journal reported.

Learn your lesson, Serf: protesting totalitarianism is anti-Semitic when the totalitarian is Jewish, and so is a Gentile’s accurately analyzing the sheeple with a trope from WWII.


9:09 am on January 12, 2022