Well, Well, Well…

You can blame more than the innate Marxism of Ohio’s evil little gremlin–sorry, Governor Mike DeWack for his enthusiastic touting of The Jab. Remember, this is the sociopath bribing Ohioans with five million dollars of our taxes to become guinea pigs. And why? Because the Gremlin owns stock in Big Pharma, indeed, in the very companies manufacturing the toxins he so tirelessly promotes. 

You might think such corruption would be big news. Nope. Not only did it not make the front page when the Akron Beacon Journal reprinted it from the Columbus Dispatch (and who knows how deeply the latter interred it?), it didn’t even make the front section. Indeed, the editor buried it on the last page of “B,” or local news. And that’s after the article’s writer slipped our explosive tidbit into a puff-piece on the Gremlin’s collection of ties, I kid you not. Wade through bilge about those silly pieces of cloth, and finally, in the penultimate paragraph, you’ll read:

He also holds stock in COVID-19 vaccination makers Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Who’s more corrupt, DeWack or his PR office–I mean, the media?


10:45 am on May 24, 2021