Watch the Day That Communism Came to an End

In his powerful article featured on LRC, Today Is the Day That Communism Came to an End, Allan Stevo, eloquently describes that momentous day in Czechoslovakia when the mass of the people arose and drove their oppressors from power. Watch those powerful events unfold in the above documentary, the concluding episode in the CNN series, Cold War.

(This was when CNN still produced objective “news” that showed the negative destructive face of Communism, rather than daily agitprop glorifying Communism and its treasonous acolytes in the academy and infotainment industry, the rampaging nihilistic mobs in the streets, the subversive swarms of bureaucratic termites infesting the corridors of power, the highest ranks of the seditious elected government, and in the lowest subterranean echelons of the deep state).


4:36 am on November 17, 2020

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