Washington’s Competition in Madness

Will future historians and social-political analysts who examine these times of ours conclude, as they should, that collective insanity prevailed? Obamacare must now be added to the competition in complete madness. It competes with the FED’s huge purchases in the market for housing mortgage debt (coupled with their equally huge issuance of short-term reserves to banks); with the TSA’s perverted inspections of travelers nationwide; and with the NSA’s total surveillance policies. These 4 outrages have in common that they are all massive programs, nationwide and intrusive in the extreme. And yet competing with these are U.S. intrusions into one foreign country after another matched by heavy-handed and intrusive local police actions spread nationwide. Overall, these 6 areas of outrage show no respect for the Bill of Rights, undermining them wherever possible. These are by no means all the major outrages, but they are enough for us to conclude that Washington’s officials are in the grip of madness.

It is a madness that government officials do not see. They are busy rationalizing and justifying their policies, especially the man at the top who thinks he is making one rational decision after another for our good, but whose actual understanding of reality and grip on it are all but non-existent.


6:22 pm on November 3, 2013