Washington City Paper vs. Ron Paul

I have never heard of this paper, but apparently it seeks to worm its way into the good graces of the establishment media by taking cheap-shots at Ron Paul. The rest of the media performed their assigned tasks by ignoring Paul’s critique of modern politics. Ignoring him was a whole lot safer than openly confronting them, because the MSM just doesn’t have the intellectual acumen – much less the honesty – to take on ideas. The “Washington City Paper,” by contrast, did what the rest of the MSM would never be so inclined to do: openly advertise its intellectual bankruptcy by reducing its assessment of Paul to “crackpot theories” that apparently give its staff what it is qualified to handle, namely, “yuks.”

“See, Mr. President, see what we said? Now can we be invited to the White House Easter-egg roll? Huh, huh, can we?”


6:04 pm on March 7, 2008