Was It Planned?

Writes a friend:

I believe the Ferguson destruction (as pointed out, except for government buildings) was planned.  It’s going to be used as justification for their heavy-handed, militarized presence.  “See what happens when we don’t respond strongly.”  So they let the city burn and they let the looters have control.

I was watching live last night until 4 in the morning.  When the row of cars were set on fire, they were showing the parking lot from the air.  There were about five guys on the right side of the camera shot in the parking lot, standing behind the next row of cars, but they panned away quickly.  I got suspicious then.  And the fire didn’t spread from the first car, down.  Multiple cars, several cars away from each, were set on fire.  I watched it live.

In my opinion, this just shows that the government can’t, or won’t, protect you. They look after themselves. You’re on your own.

A couple of other things to point out.

Next to the parking lot of burning cars, the Conoco gas station building was on fire. It started with the burning of a church bus parked in the lot. Then the building was set on fire. The car did not set the building on fire because it was too far away. The gas pumps were not connected to the building. They were separated by pavement and were under an awning-type roof, but they never blew. Now it seems to me an arsonist would want to get more bang for his buck, so to speak, and blow those gas pumps. But if you’re trying to only start self-contained fires, you wouldn’t set the pumps on fire, because when they blow, you don’t know where burning pieces will fall and what will catch on fire because of it. Perhaps that gas was too precious to burn. Just a thought.

Also, during the live broadcast last night, the cameras were showing a group of protesters with a police line stretched out in front of it. One reporter said someone in the crowd yelled out that the KKK was behind the police line and the protesters started getting agitated. But one of the so-called peacekeepers in the community let them know that it was only a rumor and eventually things settled down. I think that was just a ploy to get them riled up and destructive so the police could move in. Eventually, the police left because the protesters were calm and “staying on the sidewalk and out of the street.” They didn’t get an aggressive response from them.

Yet today, Joe Hicks, a community advocate, talking on CNN, said “the Revolutionary Communist Party, Occupy Wall Street people, and the New Black Panthers” were on the ground in Ferguson last night. And L.Z. Granderson responded that the “KKK” were on the ground in Ferguson last night, too. Go figure.


12:31 pm on November 25, 2014