War Machine Again Gearing Up to Bomb Syria

The warmongers clearly have been seeding the press and politics in order to get their war against Syria. This began by planting a propaganda report that Syria was not complying with the time table for removing chemical weapons. Then it went on to planting a report with renewed accusations of Syrian torture. The entire Geneva conference is another orchestrated piece in this march-to-war campaign. This conference is a complete farce. Making sure that Iran was not present, insisting on Assad’s removal as a precondition, and preventing the participation of civil society groups, including women, from this conference all speak to its being merely a U.S. and Kerry stage-managed affair. All the moves are aimed to manipulate public opinion and justify war against the Assad government. The warmongers and their dupes in Washington want to overcome their defeat on the chemical weapons front and create a new intervention in Syria. Kerry is their point man. What Washington is doing could not be more repugnant to the interests of Americans. The warmongers continue to reveal themselves as the loathsome and evil creatures they are.


11:46 am on February 2, 2014