Walter Block free speech

Here is another installment of my blogs of some of the letters that have been written to me in response to my Baltimore free speech libel saga. See here, here and here. Mr. Quant,

I have watched with some interest the recent controversy surrounding Dr. Block’s comments on race and sex. I wish to defend Dr. Block in the strongest terms against any charges of racism. I am a black man, and Dr. Block has been nothing but an encouragement to me. He is in no way a racist. If he is in error on some point of fact, his error should be pointed out. I can assure you that he is not one to close his mind to truth. If his major points are, in fact, true, then we must, as seekers of truth and moral human beings, face them honestly. Dr. Block’s critics have not attempted to counter his honesty with honesty of their own, rather with a smear campaign to associate him with people whose goals are anathema to his own.

I urge you to reconsider you actions and do the honorable thing. Cease this smear campaign and address the substance of Dr. Block’s arguments honestly.

Thank you,



3:47 pm on January 7, 2009