Vote Republican

Election day is fast approaching. Most conservative Christians think it is their civic duty to vote. Voter guides are being distributed at churches and congregations are being urged to “vote right,” meaning, “vote correctly.” What no one says, but everyone means, is “vote Republican.” The 11th commandment, according to most conservative Christians, is “Thou shalt not vote for a Democrat.” Although I am a conservative Christian, I dissent. Why? Because I have actually examined the Republican record. My conclusion? The Republicans are just as evil as the Democrats. Actually, they are worse because they talk about the Constitution, the free market, and limited government while believing nothing of the kind.

So, Mr. Conservative Christian, before you vote Republican on Nov. 6th to keep those evil Democrats out of office or because, God forbid, you actually think the Republicans are going to do something good for a change, then at least read my many articles on the Republican Party before you waste your time.


4:42 pm on October 21, 2018