“Voluntary” Mandates

Joshua Bennett of Patriot’s Lament tells me,

The Alaska State Troopers were recently asked why they have not been enforcing the emergency health mandates that the State of Alaska has imposed on its citizens, and the troopers’ official response was that they will not enforce the mandates because the mandates are not “law.”

It gets better:

So my friends and I decided to look into this more, and found that the so called mandates are in fact voluntary. We have been had, again.

I can’t think of a statement that is more true of Americans than what Etienne de la Boetie said in “Politics of Obedience”, and I am paraphrasing, but that the State only imposes its will on us by our own voluntary doing.

Joshua suspects most states are pulling a similar fast one on their subjects. I second him in that.

I think I’ve mentioned my favorite T-shirt: over a picture of muskets from the American Revolution is the legend, “I am descended from men who would not be ruled.”

Resolve that these elected and appointed charlatans will never rule you and encourage those around you to defy them, too.


11:08 am on April 25, 2020