Update on the Justina Pelletier Case

Here is an update on my recent blog post on 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, who had been treated by physicians at Boston’s Tufts Medical center for Mitochondrial Disease. To review briefly, in February of 2013 because of difficulty with the flu, her doctors had her taken for treatment with gastroenterologists at Boston Children’s Hospital. But she was immediately seen by psychiatrists who changed her entire diagnosis and treatment as a psychological disorder.

Because her parents attempted to take her out of Boston Children’s Hospital, custody of Justina was then seized by the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), an agency notoriously dangerous for those unfortunate young victims, and she had then been moved to a mental health facility which sounded more like a correctional institution. Later last year as the nightmare got worse for the Pelletiers, the DCF judge had imposed a gag order on the parents, which Mr. Pelletier violated by telling his story to the media. Justina’s condition had gotten much worse since her medical treatment for Mitochondrial Disease was discontinued by psychiatrists and since her abduction by the state’s “Child Welfare” (sic) bureaucrats.

An attorney who has been helping the Pelletiers has this more detailed review and new update at the Blaze. The attorney states that he has gotten the DCF judge to drop the “contempt” charges (against Mr. Pelletier for violating the gag order) and end the gag order altogether. And the attorney has gotten the Boston Children’s doctors to allow Justina to return for treatment with her previous doctor at Tufts, along with several other doctors as a team.

But actual custody of Justina is to remain with the state. They have literally been holding this girl against her will and against her parents’ will, as a ward of the state, really a hostage of government bureaucrats, and they continue to do so, criminally in my view.

As I wrote in that initial blog post, the Children’s Hospital doctors — not the gastroenterologists Justina was supposed to see but psychiatrists who seized her case — had told Mr. Pelletier that Justina’s condition was “all in her head” and her new treatment was to be a form of “behavior modification.” This “behavior modification” for these people is really an ideology in my view. Not really a practice of behavior modification that could be useful when people have anxiety or panic disorders, etc., but in this telling case, it really becomes a cultish ideology when these doctors totally disregard the previous doctors’ valid diagnosis and treatments, in the name of instilling such a “behavior modification” onto a clearly physically sick patient. (There are indications which show that the “doctors” at Children’s Hospital may have been using Justina as research material, against her will or that of her parents, but that would probably be difficult to prove, I think. Look for that kind of stuff under ObamaCare. But I digress.)

But one big challenge to the Tufts doctors is whether or not they will actively expose the Children’s Hospital doctors as not just engaging in malpractice but as criminally negligent and dangerous physicians, which, in my opinion, they clearly seem to be. Alas, like those good cops out there (yes, there probably are some) who either cover up for the bad cops or if they do act as whistleblowers they are fired or severely ostracized, I will not hold my breath for the Tufts doctors to act as whistleblowers. Call me a pessimist, oh well.

The medical establishment has not changed much in the past century. And now with ObamaCare/Single Payer/SovietCare, those doctors who don’t mind being government bureaucrats will stay in or join the field, and those who believe in patients’ rights and “first do no harm” will leave.

Remember now, the change in Justina’s case was in February 2013 when she had the flu. That was when her doctors had her go to Children’s Hospital, and the nightmare began at that time. So, if your child gets the flu, it might be a good idea not to use a hospital for treatment. But I will not get into those kinds of things here, as I don’t want to be accused of giving medical advice or dietary advice without being licensed by a high-and-mighty government bureaucrat license-giver.

Especially in the near future when medical treatment probably will do more harm than good under ObamaSovietCare, it will be necessary to act preventively, for both adults and children. To prevent the flu, Dr. Miller suggests that the flu shot is not a good idea, but taking vitamin D is. And Bill Sardi today explains how vitamin C deficiency can be a contributor to getting the flu, and Dr. Mercola also recently advised vitamin C as a good idea.

And finally, always get a second opinion, especially in a case as serious as the Pelletiers. Those Children’s Hospital psychiatrists refused to allow that family to get a second opinion. For those who find themselves in a situation in which “doctors” don’t allow you to get a second opinion, in my view those “doctors” must be criminally charged with endangerment. And that’s what I have to say about that.


8:52 am on March 5, 2014