Unusual Responses

I often receive unusual responses to the articles I write for LRC. My most recent article, “Thank You for Your Service,” did not disappoint.

When the subject line reads: “Go f*** yourself, libertarian moron” (with other characters besides the ***), I know I am in for another unusual response. I was told: “Learn something about the real world before you write such bilge. Easy to sit on your fat ass and pontificate when you nothing about how things really are on this planet.” But if you read everything in my article that comes before my criticism of veterans, you will see that I in fact am writing about the real world and how things really are.

In another response, there was nothing in the body of the e-mail, but the subject line read:

And_most_of_all,_we_don’t_like_hypocrites_like_you_who_enjoy_the_benefits_the_military_dies_for,_pay_the_taxes_that_buys_the_military_you_hate_and_profits _from_the_companies_that_feed_the_war_machine…_f***_ you” [with other characters besides the ***]

The benefits the military dies for? What in the world would those be? He didn’t say. They never do. The truth is, U.S. soldiers die for nothing, and have done so for a hundred years, as Jacob Hornberger recently began his article about World War I: “Let’s be blunt: the 117,466 U.S. soldiers who died in World War I died for nothing.”


10:03 pm on November 13, 2018