Unless SWAT Stormtroopers Can Burn Infants In their Cribs, ISIS Will Get You!

Baby Bou-Bou: ISIS Didn't Do This.

Baby Bou-Bou: ISIS Didn’t Do This.

For neo-cons and other acolytes of the Warfare State, the true significance of Iraq’s descent into a sectarian civil war is the welcome emergence of a new enemy known by a suitably ominous acronym: ISIS. Familiar fright-peddlers and war-whoopers from Dick Cheney to Lindsey Graham are depicting the Sunni insurgency – which, like most movements of its kind, is an outgrowth of a radical Islamist group supported by the CIA — as a potentially lethal threat to our sacred Homeland.

Not surprisingly, a similar view is being expressed by defenders of the militarized Homeland Security State, who pretend to believe that if ISIS can seize control of Mosul, it will soon threaten Manhattan.


In the Line of Duty, a company providing what it calls “reality-based training for law enforcement,” eagerly anticipates a terrorist strike by ISIS as a way of changing the subject from the routine atrocities committed by militarized police – such as the savage flash-bang attack that left newborn infant Bou-Bou Phonesavankh fighting for his life in an intensive care unit.

When this `militarization of lea’s [Law Enforcement Agencies] affects infants like Bou Bou, the public’s going to be righteously outraged. But, someday, when ISIS comes a calling, who will be complaining then?” sneered the company’s Facebook page, a statement growing out of the assumption that 3:00 a.m. Stormtrooper raids that leave infants with disfiguring injuries are simply the price we must pay to be protected from whatever “threats” our rulers can conjure.


6:27 pm on June 25, 2014