Turnabout is Fair Play: LRC’s Readers Eavesdrop on Our Rulers…

…or so you might assume from the captions they supplied for the horror-pic of Jean Luc and Di Frankenstein plotting:


From Dr. Vincent Cifello: “Please, Di. I know we agreed on the bridge from a Romulan Warbird, but they’re the bad guys.”

Bryan Fox says Jean-Luc is warning, “Senator, I’m afraid Snowden has leaked  that we are Klingons.”

Jasper Sneed: “Senator, I swear to you, all I told the President was I knew what you ‘would say to us’… I did NOT tell him I thought you ‘looked like Dr Zaius’.”

Mark Porter supplied a thought he often has when contemplating any aspect of Amerikan government: “If Freddy Kruger Married the Three Stooges…”

Charlie fears Di is offering to show Jean-Luc her wares. Yikes! Or perhaps that’s all to the good: ole Jean surely wouldn’t survive such trauma.

Edgar Thomas Westmoreland III’s caption reads, “Count Dooku is always afraid around Darth Sidious.”

Nor has this exhausted your wit: the replies continue flooding my in-box. I’ll post another crop later.


10:15 am on September 30, 2013