TSA Spelled Any Other Way Still Outrages

TSA doesn’t always stand for “Thieves and Sexual Assailants,” as the articles my Google Alert kicks up frequently prove. Today, mixed among stories about groping and how many of the agency’s thugs are infected with concupiscence—sorry, COVIDCon, is one whose headline blares, “MADAGASCAR: USAID funds the Turtle Survival Alliance.

OK, far more innocent than the other TSA, but what’s this about our taxes at work yet again?

Lots and lots of our taxes, actually, being poured down a rathole on the far side of Africa (not that location matters, but still…):

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing a grant of $150,000 (approximately 586 million Malagasy ariarys) to the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). The international organisation will use the funds to protect turtles, which are “seriously” threatened with extinction as a result of the Covid-19 crisis in Madagascar.

COVIDCon strike again! If that isn’t the most far-fetched excuse yet for squandering our taxes!

Ah, but the report has only begun listing DC’s profligacy with our money:

In the island nation, the US government is also funding initiatives to combat wildlife trafficking, including through two USAID projects … [which] have an overall portfolio of $45 million

Emphasis so furiously added that my jaws ache from clenching them. Madagascar’s entire GDP is only $40 billion. Could you tell me why Our unspeakable Rulers rob serfs they’ve locked in their homes and bankrupted this year to pay .1% of a foreign country’s GDP? Actually, tell me why the victims permit such an atrocity. Why aren’t we marching on these thieves with pikes and pitchforks?

Incredibly, the waste isn’t done:

the USAID is also co-financing the “Sustainable Vanilla for People and Nature (SVPN)“ project launched in May 2020 with McCormick & Company … The US$3 million project … aims to improve the livelihoods of 3,000 farmers through the sustainable production of vanilla…

That’s a thousand bucks a farmer—though I bet none of them even catch sight of a single dollar before all 3 million disappear into the pockets of McCormick’s top brass. 

This is another story to file away for the revolution, another enormous injustice to right.


4:46 pm on December 4, 2020