Trump’s Re-Election Was Hijacked (Stolen)

When the votes are studied intensively, I expect that it will be shown that Facebook and Twitter influenced millions of votes by withholding negative communications about Biden’s criminality as head of the Biden crime family. Google and YouTube also joined in the censorship of messages emanating from conservatives, and this will be documented to have benefited Democrats enormously.

When studies of the election are done in the future, I am confident that it will be shown that Democrats changed the election procedures to benefit themselves; and it will be shown that the changes they made resulted in a very large number of votes going their way that were absent in 2016. They did this, for example, with floods of mail-in ballots, changes in acceptable return dates, changes in counting dates, changes in checking procedures for proper voter registration and identification.

When studies are done in the future, I believe that errors favoring Democrats will turn out to be much greater than errors favoring Republicans.

It will be found that justice officials known to favor Democrat ideology favored Democrats in rulings that supported changes in election procedures.

It will be found that many kinds of violations of election procedures like blocking observers, halting counts, soliciting near the polling place, voting more than once, voting dead people and ballot harvesting favored Democrats.

It’s already the case that hundreds and thousands of instances of outright ballot and voting fraud have been documented. These are supported by affidavits and are being presented to courts.

The major media whose channels are carried by cable systems contributed heavily to the theft because of their one-sided domination by leftists who questioned anything from Trump and his followers while letting Biden get away with his basement strategy and shielding him from exposure to his criminal activities.

I believe that polls were fixed to favor Biden and that this will be proven in the future when studies are done.

If all this is not enough to conclude that Trump’s re-election was stolen, there are peculiarities or anomalies in the vote counts and in their patterns. The most disturbing of these are shifts of votes from Trump to Biden.

Governments find it extraordinarily difficult to do anything right. Our governments seem unable to run a fair and free election, just as they are unable to keep the peace in many cities, unable to cope with a new virus without methods worse than the virus itself, unable to keep airliners flying without first assaulting all the passengers, unable to process vital research findings, and unable to maintain a currency with a stable value.


5:20 pm on November 15, 2020