Trump’s Favorable Reaction to North Korean Overture

North Korea’s overture has been reported via a Seoul diplomat who is headed to Washington. It’s backed up by a number of other positive signals. There is no doubt that a change in direction has occurred. How far it will proceed is unknown. The first follow-up step belongs to the U.S., and that step is positive and extends the momentum. Trump has responded favorably and realistically. The momentum can continue.

Reaction elsewhere in the media and some other capitols exhibits quite a lot of skepticism and doubt. Past failures in attaining durable agreements have occurred, or else we would not be where we are today.

It’s a new day. North Korea has a new leader. South Korea has new leadership. The U.S. has a new leader. North Korea’s position has been strengthened by its nuclear and missile achievements. No one wants war, much less nuclear war. There is virtually nothing to lose by continuing on to talks and much possibly to gain. The gain/loss ratio is very high.

It’s time to look ahead, not back. It’s time to move on to a peace treaty in Korea.


9:02 am on March 7, 2018