Trump Throws Down the Gauntlet Before the Neocons

During last night’s Republican debate Donald Trump spoke truth to power when he very loudly and forcefully said (paraphrasing):  “We should never have invaded Iraq!  There never were any weapons of mass destruction.  Thousands of Americans died for nothing.  We’ve destabilized the entire Middle East!”

To which the hapless and Mr. Magoo-ish Jeb! Bush responded (paraphrasing):  “But my brother [Dub-Yuh] kept us safe!”

Trump (paraphrasing):  “No, your brother did NOT keep us safe; 9/11 happened on his watch. . . .  I lost hundreds of friends on 9/11.”

At that point the GOP hacks and flaks who were planted in the audience by the hundreds with instructions to boo Trump and cheer Jeb! went nuts.  This was all reminiscent of how the same jerks booed Ron Paul at an evangelical “Christian” convention when he reminded them that Jesus Christ is known as the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of War, Mayhem, and Mass Murder, as they apparently prefer to believe.

Despite all this, the Drudge poll shows that Jeb! is still at about 3.15 percent.  Sheldon Adelson must have gone through an entire box of Depends last night.


8:03 am on February 14, 2016