Trump the Dumb

Trump is crazed. He wants to price you out of buying a Subaru, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc., etc., with a 25% (or so) tariff, so he can protect “the great American autoworker.” He wants to force you to buy America crap by legislating monetary penalties that punish your free choice.

Thanks to another auto bubble that promotes and preserves an environment for consumers to borrow themselves into massive debt loads, people are buying cars way beyond their means with little or no interest rates and 7-and-8-year stretch payments, hence the jacked-up sales of huge and ugly SUVs and pickups. So now, the American automakers only want to make these bulbous shit-vehicles because the profit margins are gravy.

Meanwhile, Ford is going to stop making sedans, and GM is going to pursue a similar path. So the consumer will have to refrain from buying a new car, or, they will have to buy what the government and the American auto companies want consumers to buy to serve their larger agendas, while making the competition’s vehicles entirely unaffordable.


6:50 am on May 25, 2018