Trump Must Have Watched the Same Weather Channel Reports on Hurricane Dorian that I Did

The latest Big Lie being gleefully told by the LMS (Lying Media Scum) is that President Trump falsely claimed that Alabama was threatened by Hurricane Dorian.  One particularly slippery and smarmy-looking little prick on one of the networks even ended his rendition of lies by saying, “ironically, it is illegal to misrepresent a federal weather forecast, punishable with up to 90 days in jail.”  After which he flashed a big fake smile similar to the guy in those old Isuzu commercials (“Buy an Isuzu, and we will throw in this Caribbean island”).

Well, living on the east coast of South Florida and having spent much of the past week keeping up with all the reporting about the hurricane, I know that Trump is right and ALL the LMS are wrong about this.  For days and days it was widely reported — by the LMS as well as the Weather Channel — that there was a fear that this hurricane would make landfall on the east coast of Florida, go across the state into the Gulf of Mexico, and then become stronger yet and make another landfall in the Florida panhandle, Southern Alabama, or Louisiana.  Even New Orleans was told to be on the alert.  They said this over and over again for days.  In other words, it is the LMS who are misrepresenting a federal weather forecast and, if we still have equality under they law, they are the ones who should be penalized for it.


7:39 am on September 5, 2019