Treachery in Plain View

Bush paid “terrorist” Sunnis not to fight in Iraq. Now Obama is paying Taliban not to fight in Afghanistan. KBR defrauded the U.S. taxpayer of billions of dollars in Iraq. Even Iraqis were outraged by the waste.

Americans are out of work, trying to save, and scraping to get by. The country is facing economic collapse and the Military-Security-Beltway_Troughdweller-Industrial complex is turning to war as its only hope for survival.

I remember when Tip O’Neill forced Reagan to raise the national debt ceiling above one trillion dollars for the first time in history. Is anyone inside the Beltway cringing at a budget deficit of $1.556 trillion for FY 2010 alone?

It used to be the Leviathan robbed Peter to pay Paul. Now it’s robbing all of us to pay Pashtuns. What’s wrong with this picture?

Update From Frankfurt :

It’s worse than your blog entry states.

The federal government is paying BOTH sides of the conflict; one side to invade and the other to not resist.

And then it tells the people it is robbing to pay both sides that the FIGHT is essential to their security … …

Hang on a minute!

Why not just pay the Pashtun and fire the soldiers (and their armourers), saving the country a trillion-odd every year?


9:03 am on February 4, 2010