Trauma Imposed by Trump

“We cannot undo the trauma that he is causing to our people, and this nation.” So wrote Rep. Rashida Tlaib and John Bonifaz in an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press. In their minds, this is grounds for impeachment. Somehow, causing people discomfort is a high crime. Why have so many Americans not realized this before when a president did deeply disliked and disturbing things? Why haven’t Americans understood that imposing trauma merits impeachment? Why hasn’t impeachment been a routine procedure, one of those great democratic devices employed by our great democracy?

But seriously, what is this trauma? It is not a physical injury, so it must be the other meaning: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Let us search for the trauma imposed by Trump and see what it may consist of. What does it take to be traumatized so that one can accuse a president of a crime of being a serial traumatizer?

CNN reports “College students experienced trauma symptoms after Trump’s election, study says”. One-fourth of a sample of 800 undergraduates experienced emotional effects after the election that psychiatrists and/or psychologists use to measure trauma clinically. These effects include avoidance of the stimulus and intrusion of unwanted thoughts and feelings. “Women, Democrats, people who did not identify as Christian and sexual minorities reported significantly more event-related distress, the study found.”

Some people who were banking on a Clinton win were very disappointed that Trump won. It bothered them. Psychologists, having extended their craft and living to as many nooks and crannies of human behavior that they can, pounced upon this. They had a ready-made category to assess the damage done to the pysches of the losers, namely, trauma. Trump didn’t even have to lift a finger or grab a crotch. He was guilty of being a mass traumatizer merely by winning the election and being the character that he is, complete with his past. We have the following argument. We must impeach Trump because his election hurt us because we object to who he is and what he says as being damaging to our minds, emotions and spirits. He’s causing us grief, so the election must be negated. “Each passing day brings new damage to the countless people hurt by this lawless president’s actions.” (We’ll deal with his successor thereafter.)

If this is the real motivation of impeaching Trump, it’s ridiculous. Losers have no grounds for impeaching someone because of the mental discomforts they’ve experienced by their loss or even for changes in legislation and regulations that have rained on their parade. That’s the system. That’s the government. That’s what’s been called constitutional since the New Deal, before and after. If these losers have no complaints about the system of government when they are in charge, and if they impose their own beloved legislation and regulations (think Obamacare) when they run the government, then what right (using the vernacular meaning) do they have to complain now when they are out of executive power?

Another headline reads “The Trauma of the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Transgender People”. More of the same. Trump “plans to change federal civil-rights law to include a definition of sex as ‘a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.'” Obama had different rules. Are the Trump rule changes grounds for impeachment? Then so would Obama’s changes have been such grounds. Is it a crime for the winners of an election, be they Democrats or Republicans, to put in the policies they advocated? Is the country to be governed by the presence or absence of “trauma”? This criterion creates governing chaos, as the losers will always cry “Trauma! Trauma!”

This business about trauma is emotional propaganda that’s designed to win sympathy to a cause, a socialist cause. It’s hypocritical, senseless, ignorant and stupid; but it’s also intended to undermine its target. It’s part of the resistance to Trump. This is a socialist movement aiming to gain power. The socialists at the heart of this movement are knowingly using the language of trauma in order to rally aggrieved and out-of-power groups, such as transgender voters, to their cause.

The socialists among us are putting together a program that will contain a menu of items. Individual items will attract voters who feel strongly about given issues, like anti-war, human rights, abortion, the environment, transgender rights, gay rights, unions, workers, minorities, etc. They want these blocs to accept the whole menu including the menu items the socialists really want most of all, which are the economic planks. It’s a tie-in sale. This is what “Sandy” is doing and offering. As ignorant as she is on economics, on the political score of putting together a menu, she’s knowledgeable. She’s joined with other freshman like Tlaib. The socialist bloc is making its bid for power.


10:03 am on January 4, 2019

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