Too Bad They Didn’t Fumigate It While They Were There

Are you as sick of the fury over the Capitol’s “invasion” on January 6 as I am? If Our Rulers expect us to pay for it all, are we not jolly well entitled to enter it whenever and as often as we please? And if hordes of visiting taxpayers impede the “work” of government, well, terrific!

Meanwhile, Mr. Anonymous has also tired of leftists’ indignation at the “violation” of their icon:

…there is nothing “sacred” about the Capitol (unless you worship the government which evidently many sadly do). It’s a place where corrupt people divided up booty other people work for and start unjust wars against innocents and on rare occasions, a person of character like Ron or Rand Paul speaks some truth. It’s not populated by saints…..

Sad that people have so much outrage over some tax payer putting their feet up on a desk of a career politician but had zero remorse over the burning, looting, etc of productive private property & citizens. Any one of those business have done more in 1/2 day for their fellow many then the thieves’ den that got a few broken windows and papers ruffled and – sadly – one beautiful soul murdered who just wanted to be free….


7:26 pm on January 14, 2021