Today’s Stalinist Update

Miami Herald “reporter” Fabiola Santiago tweeted his hopes that when the Florida beaches open the coronavirus will “thin the ranks” (i.e., kill) the political supporters of President Trump, Governor DeSantis, and Miami Mayor Carlos Giminez.  He apparently assumes that his fellow Stalinists will stay home and continue to cower in fear.

The Chicago city government is well into the “planning stages” of forced vaccinations for every single resident, boasting that they’ve already bought all the syringes.  Chicagoans will not be able to return to normal life without proof of vaccination.

Facebook has removed and banned all announcements of protests against governmental house arrest “lockdowns.”  You’re still on Facebook?  Really?

City governments in Baltimore, Savannah, Elizabeth, NJ and elsewhere have contracted with drone companies to fly drones over the city 24/7 to spy on everyone under the guise of “enforcing social distancing rules.”  Wanna bet the drones will be still droning in August and beyond after the Fauci Horror Picture Show is over?

“Public” health emergencies bring the Stalinists out from under their rocks like nothing else.  This includes all governors, mayors, city councilmen,  members of Congress, and many more, with maybe a few exceptions –very, very few.

“Public” health is the health of the state.  If the state can force un-named chemicals into your body it can do anything to you — including enslaving, imprisoning, or killing you on some political hack’s whim.


10:48 am on April 20, 2020