Time to Prep

I can’t think of a better 2 minute video to encourage you or your reluctant spouse to prepare for an emergency than this. These are people dumpster-diving 3 and half days after Hurricane Sandy.

A few thoughts:

1) The cities (and people in them) require electrical power and transportation to pull off the daily capitalist logistical miracle required to feed, water, and shelter millions of people in a concentrated area.

2) Electrical power and transportation are government provided and/or heavily government regulated. Draw your own conclusions about the impact that has on service restoration.

3) Put yourself through a Sandy-drill. Do you have even a week’ worth of food, water, and some sterno cans, propane or another way to cook so that you could ride out a minor emergency? The people in this video don’t.

4) What will this scene look like if power, water, clear roads and rails, and food aren’t restored for another 3 days? 10 days?

5) Do you have a backup plan or place to go in case of a sustained emergency? Think: Fukushima or an extended Power Grid Outage

6) This is not that big a natural disaster. (I lived in South Florida during Hurricane Andrew – 1992.) What would the aftermath of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake look like?

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9:06 am on November 2, 2012