‘Time’ Marches On—to the Beat of Internet Licensing

Did Kramer call it, or what? I previously blogged a story about how big business/big government want to force internet users to be licensed. Now, one of the biggest Establishment mainstream media mouthpieces in the world, Time magazine, has joined the bund—er, I mean bandwagon calling for internet licensing. Here are some quotes from the article:

The truth of the matter is, the Internet is still in its Wild West phase.

“Wild West”? There was no “Wild West.” I guess being a contributor to Time automatically ensures that you are clueless about American history.

To a large extent, the law hasn’t yet shown up. Yet as more and more people move to town, that lawlessness is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

“Lawlessness”? Tell me, do you feel like you are amongst criminals every time you surf the web? Or perhaps you are one of the criminals?  Where are these criminals that the writer is obviously referring to if she thinks that the internet is just one big lawless arena?

Governments certainly have been talking to each other about this (almost by definition, any effective efforts will have to be international in nature [another call for One World Government]), but…don’t expect any changes in the short term. But do know that the people in charge [aka the International Banksters and certain European Royal Families]—as much as anyone can be in charge when it comes to the Internet—are thinking about it.

This is how the One World Government/New World Order propaganda always begins when another totalitarian agenda is being planned. Phase One: Little “personal” opinions suggesting the agenda (cyberattacks protection this time) are floated in the MSM, one opinion at a time. The OWG/NWO folks then wait to see what the sheeple’s reaction is. Phase Two: If there is little or no bleating, the OWG/NWO folks turn up the heat by gradually flooding the media with more opinions promoting the agenda (cyberattacks protection) they want. Phase Three: All of a sudden stories about actual cyberattacks start appearing in the MSM. The sheeple start bleating. And, finally, Phase Four: The sheeple beg (with the prodding of “their” representatives in government and MSM “talking heads”) for laws to protect them from these internet cyberattacks—which of course have been implemented by the various international intelligence agencies either directly or indirectly.

UPDATE: Chris Ciancio has informed that the latest member to join the Corporate Cyberattack Chorus is Google.


8:47 am on February 4, 2010