Time for the “Press Secretary” to Issue Another “Statement”

Yesterday, we explored the so-over-the-top-perhaps-it’s-a-parody hypocrisy of the Feds’ “commemoration” of Tiananmen Square’s 25th anniversary. Our Rulers, the ones murdering and plundering folks worldwide while eavesdropping on the entire planet, actually castigated the Chinese government for its tyranny (not that the commies aren’t tyrannical, but good gracious, Sociopaths, clean your own whited sepulchers first).

And so I present the case of Canadian Bruce Montague: it offers DC an even riper opportunity for fraudulent sanctimony. Mr. Montague, a man of strong principle and libertarian beliefs, is a gunsmith who resides in “northwestern Ontario” in “a log cabin he built himself near Dryden…” Our kinda guy, right? But wait, it gets better: “‘Don’t we all have equal rights to our life, and should we not have equal opportunity to defend that life?’ he said. ‘I’m … incensed at these gun laws that seemed intentionally devised to disarm the good people of this country.’” And so he “let his firearms acquisition certificate expire in 2003, and Mrs. Montague’s followed the next year.” He admits he “‘broke the law, I did it on purpose. What I was challenging was the law wasn’t valid in the first place.'” Amen!

As you may imagine, such defiance of dictatorship has spurred the Canadian Leviathan to rival its American cousin in cruelty. It not only caged Mr. Montague while saddling him with further restrictions on his release, but “a judge … ordered most of his ‘arsenal’ — 200 items including dynamite, submachine guns, sawn off shotguns, assault rifles with over capacity magazine, silencers, night vision goggles and bullet proof vests — should become the property of Ontario.” Mr. Montague appealed this legalized theft, which roused Canada’s politicians and bureaucrats to further vengeance: “The appeal court even increased the number of items that must be forfeited, seizing his ammunition.” Nor has that sated its lust for retaliation: “Separately, the province is also seeking to seize his home … on the grounds that it is the proceeds or instrument of unlawful activity, but that case has not yet been heard.”

Yo, Sociopaths in DC: now’s your chance! Issue another “statement,” this time on the Second Amendment and how you “always speak out in support of [such a] basic freedom.” Given your war against gun-owners in the homeland, you may well top yesterday’s personal best when it comes to total, flat-out hypocrisy. What’s that? Oh … yeah, I guess Canada’s government already kowtows to you, far more than China’s does … yes, you’re right, Sociopaths … no wonder you’re the masters and I’m a mere serf…

Well, properly chastened, I shan’t attempt to advise Our Rulers any further. Rather, I appeal to my fellow serfs in Canada and elsewhere, to stand by Mr. Montague as he so courageously fights for freedom. I’m not sure what form our support should take; his legal battles have left him penniless, for a start. You may want to contact the Canadian Constitution Foundation, which has represented him, for other ideas on rallying behind this beleaguered hero.

(Thanks to David Maharaj for alerting me to the inspiring, magnificent Mr. Montague.)


11:17 am on June 5, 2014