Tierney: What Happened To Conservative Skepticism?

An excellent opinion piece by John Tierney at the New York Times, ‘Get Out, You Damned One’. He wonders what happened to conservatives’ instincts for doubting plans that assume radical shifts in human nature:

When liberal intellectuals dreamed of a socialist world with a selfless “New Man,” conservatives realized that he’d be as greedy as ever. When some feminists envisioned the end of gender stereotypes, conservatives insisted there were ingrained differences between the sexes. Yet when American troops met resistance after the war, conservatives dismissed the early insurgents as “dead-enders” and expected Iraqis to join Americans in quickly vanquishing the thugs.

Don’t miss his mention of the resistance of the American South to invasion at the end of the article. Also, see Matthew Barganier’s comments at the AntiWar.com Blog.


1:14 pm on July 6, 2005