Throwing Us In The Clink On No Evidence

Did you know that before “Public Health” bureaucrats so enthusiastically advocated governmental surveillance of our public interactions, the WHO aggregated studies that concluded, “Active contact tracing is not recommended in general because there is no obvious rationale for it in most [countries]”? Yes! And that’s merely the conclusion: these reports damn contact tracing for reasons ranging from, “Mandatory contact tracing may cause concerns and uneasiness to some cases and their contacts” (ya think?) to the fact that it “often has low cost– effectiveness in the control of influenza, resulting in high direct costs. Considerable amounts of human resources are also needed for contact tracing. “

Meanwhile, the anonymous gentleman who sent the link and I question the entire premise of “contact tracing.” We’d like to know how anyone can prove that the germs sickening Mr. A came from me. Say he and I met for lunch; I am “carrying” COVID but “asymptomatic.” He takes ill within the expected time after our appointment. How do we know his malady originated with me? He could have picked up contagion from the restaurant’s door-handle, or the plate the waiter set before him, or the mailbox he touched on his way downtown… To condemn me and my “contacts” and sentence us to prison–sorry, isolation on such a theoretical basis is a tad harsh, don’t you think?

Seems “Public Health” is once again pulling the wool over the sheeple’s eyes. But if any of you epidemiologists out there care to defend “contact tracing,” please write me (sans jargon, if possible).


11:09 am on September 4, 2020