Thousands of Grubers Throughout Amerika, USSA

There are thousands of Jonathan Grubers throughout the USSA, in federal, state and local government offices and bureaus, and on many university faculties. They are technocrats, numbers-crunchers, manipulators and control freaks. And many of them are also nincompoops, misfits, propagandists, fraudsters, and liars. With their little charts and graphs, they can convince even the brightest of people to accept the most irrational and laughable ideas which then get implemented into the law of the land. They seem to have a compulsion for micromanaging the lives of others, involuntarily, as their daily livelihood is dependent on the existence of the State and its powers to monopolize various services by force, and financed by the State’s taxing (i.e. theft and looting) authority. Just imagine if we eliminated all government-forced redistribution schemes and governmental intrusions into people’s private lives and their private medical matters, and so on. And eliminating all those redistribution schemes would also include all subsidies to universities. Many of those Grubers out there would probably just disappear. The Harvard Kennedy School of Government would become a Walmart. (I know. Not. Gonna. Happen. But we can dream, can’t we?)


10:36 am on December 10, 2014