Thompson’s Money Bomb Bombs

If Ron Paul can do it, we can, too, right? So went the reasoning behind “Fred’s Giving Day,” a copycat money bomb initiative that took place today. People were to pledge to donate $100 each today (sound familiar?).

As of this morning, the initative had garnered, I kid you not, a grand total of 82 pledges.

Two lessons from this:

1) No one gets excited about a boring establishment hack who parrots safe GOP slogans.

2) Since Ron Paul got tens of thousands of pledges and donations on his money bomb day, as opposed to Fred’s 82, and since this lopsided grassroots fundraising victory over Thompson is even more pronounced than the usual Ron Paul Internet poll victory, might all those Ron Paul Internet poll victories have been for real after all?


9:19 pm on November 21, 2007