This Won’t Surprise You

“For residents of the neighborhoods surrounding JFK Airport [in New York City], the TSA is causing problems even outside the airport terminal,” begins an article that describes the goons’ fight with the locals for scarce parking.

“’Residents have written letters, compiled pictures, and videos of TSA agents demonstrating complete disregard for our neighborhood,’ said Donna Gilmartin, member of Community Board 10…. ‘We have been complaining for years and the TSA has yet to respond to our concerns.” Oh, my, say it ain’t so! And the disrespect for mere citizens extends from the TSA to cops, too: “’The local police precinct has better things to do than respond to TSA agents blocking our driveways.’” New York State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Far Rockaway) chimed in that “he has heard of blocked driveways, littering and even in one instance a TSA officer changing his clothes outside his car on a public street.”

We can always count on politicians to “resolve” a problem by swiping more of our taxes, and neither this crisis nor critter violate that rule: Felonious Phil “is calling for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide compensation for TSA agents to park in JFK parking lots, as is done already in several other states around the country.” He added, “Hardworking families and residents of Southern Queens should not have to deal with rude and careless TSA agents.”

Yep. And neither should passengers.

Update: Jack Glaab writes, “How cool would it be for the neighborhood to join together and ‘search’ (grope) the TSA people as they left their cars? After all, it’s in the community interest to see to it that people passing through the neighborhood won’t be blowing the neighborhood up!”

Not to mention irradiating, ogling and sexually assaulting residents.



5:20 am on September 14, 2012