They’re All Socialists, David

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) says “I think all of the announced Democratic candidates for president are capitalists. We don’t have socialist candidates running for president in the Democratic Party.”

Sorry, David, but you do not seem to know what capitalism is or means. The candidates of which you speak are all for “Medicare For All” and they’re all for “Green New Deal”, thoroughly socialist programs.

Listen, David. The Congress has been imposing a social democrat agenda on America for a long time. Congress includes both parties.

Socialists have always been divided over revolutionary and gradual means of attaining a workers’ paradise. Newcomers to Congress and up-and-coming candidates are jolting Democrats with a more revolutionary (Green New Deal) and class warfare (high tax rates) attitude, which includes suppressing private property.

Let’s not get bogged down in arid debates over socialism’s meaning and course. The key factor is that the candidates want a much higher degree of COMMAND AND CONTROL at the Washington top. They want to concentrate far more decision rights in their hands. That takes away freedom from all of us who are being commanded and controlled.

COMMAND AND CONTROL when done by a political monopoly (the state) is a totalitarian organizational method. (Done by companies, its negatives are ameliorated by competition and other control structures that are absent in politics.) Whether we talk about democracy, social democracy, socialism, fascism, or communism, they all share the COMMAND AND CONTROL approach to government.

David, call the Democrat candidates freedom-loving capitalists, if you wish, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are advocating a massive increase in government’s COMMAND AND CONTROL. They’re all freedom-destroying people. They all share the anti-capitalist mentality. Their goal is to destroy capitalism, whether they know it or not.


8:20 pm on February 20, 2019