Their Utter, Abysmal Ignorance

Secretary [Ray] LaHood became the 16th Secretary of Transportation…In nominating him, President-elect Obama said: ‘Few understand our infrastructure challenge better than the outstanding [sic] public servant [sic] that I’m asking to lead the Department of Transportation.’”

Really? And just what experience does this clown boast that makes him enough of an expert to lord it over professionals in the industry? “Before becoming Secretary of Transportation, LaHood served [sic] for 14 years in the U.S. House of Representatives from…Illinois…” Of course: Obummer loves his cronies. “During that time he served [sic] on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and, after that, on the House Appropriations Committee.” So the guy’s a pro at thieving, whether from lobbyists or us. That relates to transportation exactly how? “Prior to his election to the House, he served [sic] as Chief of Staff to” one congresscriminal “and as District Administrative Assistant to” another. “He also served [sic] in the Illinois State Legislature.”

I’m still waiting to learn what the thug’s done that pertains in any way to hauling goods and people from Point A to Point B.

By the way: this is typical. Scratch any of Our Rulers on any committee, subcommittee or cabinet, and you’ll find the same stunning ignorance. McDonald’s requires more relevant experience than these bozos jointly own before it allows new hires to flip burgers.


8:18 am on September 5, 2012