Because Theft Avoidance is a Bad Thing

Ohhhh, look at these angry, little plebs over at the New York Times getting all twisted around their skinny pants and hipster beards because Apple has the audacity to avoid the heavy hand of US tax thievery (gasp!!) in order to maintain its wealth to provide for its research and development; innovate and manufacture; and serve its customers by turning ideas into useful products. Bloody hell, here’s a quote: “Apple has sought the holy grail of tax avoidance.” (Quote courtesy of the Senate thief Carl Levin.)

The media loves to refer to this as “tax avoidance maneuvers.” The US media is piling on, and these tools continue to report this as if it is “theft” for a successful corporation to take steps to avoid theft on the part of the US government. As Dan wrote on my Facebook page, “Pedestrian caught stealing from thieves by using routes to avoid dangerous streets.”

Propaganda works, and that’s why it is consistently employed against the masses.


6:49 pm on November 8, 2017