Wild, Wild West Palm Beach

Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff Rick Bradshaw is notorious for going on television to testify that his deputies never, ever, do anything wrong.  Ever.  Never under any circumstances, period.  They are perfect in every way.  This perfection was on display recently when a local television station showed a young black man being shot in the back four times by one of Bradshaw’s Barney Fife-ish deputies for the heinous crime of riding a bicycle while talking on his cellphone.  Because of that “suspicious” behavior, he was trailed by a cop and when he pulled off he road was gunned down in cold blood without the cop ever saying a word to him.  He simply pulled out his gun and shot the man who is now paralyzed for life.

The shooter originally claimed that the victim charged him while holding a gun, but changed his story once the video emerged.


8:41 am on April 24, 2015

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