The White Male Curse, According to a Scrawny-Necked, Liberal Academic

Just when you think it can’t possibly be real. This emasculated, guilty-white-liberal-male Cream Puff seems to have misplaced his Y Chromosome. Here are some miscellaneous quotes from the article on Huff-and-Puff-Po (bold is mine).

– So guns are no longer merely functional hardware for the enjoyment of outdoor sports and hunting. Increasingly they have become something else: totems of manhood and symbols of identity for a cohort of white, middle-American, rural and exurban men.

– In other words, guns give these men strength, status, power, and respect — exactly what many white men feel they have been hemorrhaging ever since the 1960s.

– It wasn’t long ago when broad-shouldered white men dominated our culture, and their very status as breadwinners gave them power and pride.

– Adding insult is that liberal intellectuals that used to venerate blue collar virtues have now embraced and acclaimed the exact group that yesteryear’s working class rejected as unmanly and effeminate, gay men, thus turning the masculinity power structure of old upside-down.

– The American racial tableau has changed as well, with sturdy white men no longer occupying their hitherto role as “real Americans” in the popular imagination and instead representing a retrograde America that harbors unseemly prejudices unfit for an educated and diverse society.

– Just as an educated suburbanite drives a Prius as a badge of virtue, a man walking with a holstered or open carry gun — or with the emblem of the politically fearsome National Rifle Association affixed to his pick-up truck or car — shows his power to all that can see.

I have to stop here on the quotes – I am running out of space. Quite frankly, men like this must have been tied up to poles and flogged with women’s studies doctrine until their testicles shriveled and fell off. One cannot possibly comprehend such hatred of the male species by another ‘male.’

According to this writer, an American University Communications Professor, strong, healthy males and their “pickup trucks” are irrelevant to society because the factories and farms and timber forests no longer need their low-IQ, blue-collar service. Additionally, their “broad, white shoulders” cannot fit into the front seat of a “virtuous” Toyota Prius. And certainly, their broad, Wrangler-wearing hips cannot fit into a pair of androgynous skinny jeans, either. No matter – according to the author, these men have been replaced by revered “liberal intellectuals” who are much more in tune with the majority of Americans who apparently desire “effeminate, gay men” as the defining point of modern non-masculinity.

The Professor is a wannabee race warrior, so none of this comes as being ‘shocking.’ Perhaps the author hasn’t climbed out of his Prius seat long enough to read the scholarship of Clayton E. Cramer on gun ownership in America? Ignorance of history supplanted by self-serving, emotional drivel has become the hallmark of Hate in America.


5:11 pm on October 9, 2015