The War on Cheap, Happy Lightbulbs Starts Next Week

Their knavish tricks have not of course, been confounded by the useless Republicans, so phase 1 of the ban starts next week. Here come the exploding, expensive mercury uglies. I’m proud that LRC’s most popular product on Amazon for all of 2011 is the soft, warm, subversive, incandescent lightbulb in case packs:

Sylvania 100-Watt Incandescent 24-pack;
GE 100-Watt Soft-White, Double-Life Incandescent 48-pack;
Feit 100-Watt Frosted Incandescent 24-pack;
Sylvania 60-Watt Incandescent 24-pack;
GE 75-Watt Reveal Incandescent 48-pack.


3:49 pm on December 29, 2011