The Thieves and Sexual Assailants Live Up To Their Name

An article purporting to “help sexual assault survivors navigate TSA checkpoints” quotes one such victim’s review of those gulags: “It’s stressful.” Perhaps “Jane Epstein,” the alleged “survivor,” is given to understatement: “utterly traumatizing, dehumanizing, and unbearable” far more accurately describe the TSA’s fondling of passengers.

Meanwhile, what “help” does Ms. Epstein offer those suffering at the TSA’s literal hands?

Present a ‘TSA Notification Card’ … that alerts the officer to sensitive to [sic] areas on the body.

-Ask for a private screening with or without a traveling partner present in a room away from other passengers.

-Request help from a Passenger Support Specialist, an officer who is dedicated to helping passengers with special needs navigate the checkpoint.

Hmmm: ya think ol’ Jane “works” in the TSA’s PR department or what? Yo, Jane: the only actual remedy is to abolish this barbaric bureaucracy and prosecute its miscreants.

Imagine a government so abusive that its agents are indistinguishable from rapists. Why do we tolerate such criminality? Why have we tolerated it for two entire decades?


11:59 am on September 15, 2021