The State: Like War, What Is It Good For?

More and more people realize how useless government is: check out this story, which John Windsor sent me, about a mother who inadvertently locked her baby in her car. In Florida. In the summer. Though she called 911, she received little help. A passer-by saved the little boy.

But that’s not all: scan the readers’ comments. Many of them share similar instances, and in each such one that I saw, it was private organizations and people, such as tow-truck operators, AAA, and the ubiquitous bystanders, who come to the rescue, not the cops or 911.

Meanwhile, other folks have progressed beyond recognizing government’s uselessness to condemning it for its harm–and helping its victims. From Joe Lee comes a link about a British millionaire who “help[s] pregnant women flee UK to avoid babies taken into care“–

Ian Josephs has spent over £30,000 helping 200 to avoid having their newborns taken away by social services. He pays for their fares to a new life and offers them free legal advice, even paying for lawyers in some cases. Around 50 have fled to Ireland on his money while another 150 went to France, Spain and Italy.

Forced adoption opponent Mr Josephs, who runs a language business and has a law degree, has defended his decision to fund their escape, despite many already having children in care [sic for “despite the State’s having already kidnapped their other children”]. He said: “Social services have moved away from giving families support and are now too quick to take children away.

“I know what I do is controversial. People ask how I know the people I’ve helped don’t go on to do something wicked, but my reply is that even killers are entitled to lawyers. These woman are entitled to a fair chance to keep their children if they have not been convicted of any crime of cruelty and aren’t on drink or drugs.”

I’d remove those last stipulations — allowing the callous, incompetent thugs Leviathan employs to determine any parent’s suitability is the height of absurd criminality — but nonetheless let us wildly applaud this generous humanitarian.

The State: continuing to prove itself the enemy of all mankind even as its prey awakens to that fact.


9:24 am on August 27, 2014