The Same Imbeciles Who Insist Gate-Rape Protects Passengers Must Be Lining Up For COVID Tests

I remain baffled that anyone submits to a test for coronavirus, let alone begs for one. Not only are the results of these exams notoriously wrong, not only were kits contaminated with the very germ they allegedly diagnose, but sticking a long “swab” up the nose sounds particularly unpleasant. One thing I’ve learned from my years of inveighing against the Thieves and Sexual Assailants at the airports is that Americans idolize comfort and convenience: only a few cranks here and there will drive rather than fly 1000 miles to escape gate-rape. Yet Americans now clamor for someone to jab a pole up their nostrils. Go figure.

But not Jerome Barber. He writes,

I’m supposed to have sinus surgery but I’m not.  Why?  A mandatory COVID test.

  1. Because I don’t trust the RT-PCR test that only identifies a fragment of the RNA of the target (COVID-19) not the entire virus.  It cannot and does not determine viral load.
  2. It will make me a “case” and add to their already bogus statistics.

That’s huge: many “public-health” Nazis justify their “mask-mandates” by numbers of “sick.” I’d say it’s our patriotic duty to avoid these inspections like the plague they are—or can give you.

  1. I’ve haven’t had any symptoms, so why the test?
  2. Most importantly, when they do this, they get MY DNA.  Since I have no control over the handling of my specimen, what else are they doing with it?  Are they databasing my DNA without my prior consent?
  3. Since I have had no symptoms, if I come back positive then I’m cooked.  It will be a false positive, and … here come the authorities, contract tracers, possible quarantines and the rest that goes with this farce.

Why would they make an otherwise healthy person take this test as part of the pre-op procedures?  Funny, they don’t test for TB, etc. as part of pre-op.  My lungs are 100% healthy.

I smell a rat.

I do too. Clearly, neither of us has contracted COVID19.


2:41 pm on July 17, 2020

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