The Sad State of New York

In western New York, Doug Hand recently boycotted a trade show:

The policy was that everyone was required to wear masks, so I did not go. Someone in attendance sent me [a] photo …  knowing it would get a reaction.

That photo showed a sign advising, “Please find the following items at Registration: …Comfort Level Ribbons, Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer.”

And what, you may ask, are “Comfort Level Ribbons”? Well, they come in different colors and legends to coddle the COVIDiots. At this particular event, green reads, “Handshakes OK”; yellow means “Elbow or Fist Bumps OK”; and red—naturally enough—signifies, “I need my space.”

Imagine wasting time, money, energy and ingenuity on such nonsense. Or, as Mr. Hand puts it,

Feedback is that the people I know did not see any red ribbons,


but it is pathetic that it is even a thing. Catering to the emotionally incontinent does not seem like a plan for success.

Along with his sobering report, he sent an (unrelated) story. It seems that the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has forbidden fans to watch the school’s football games from the stands–and this despite having “a big beautiful stadium here, new facility”:

Because of COVID,

Of course.

the school is not allowing outside spectators inside the football stadium.

Students, staff and faculty who comply with RPI’s COVID policy are the only people allowed inside the stadium for the games. Some parents watch the games on a hill outside the stadium. The parents we spoke to say they would be willing to wear a mask and show their vaccination card.

That’s your second mistake, folks. Don’t you understand by now that the COVIDCultists are bullies and that there’s no placating such misanthropes? The only effective response to them is utter, thrilling defiance.

Your first mistake was paying these cretins to brainwash your child with Marxism. 

Especially at such exorbitant prices. Mr. Hand compiled some “Fun facts about RPI”:


Tuition: $58,694

Room & Board: $17,944

That ungodly amount prompted a parent from Tennessee, Brenda Spellman, to complain that “she pays too much money to be disrespected.” And remember, that’s after “travel[ling] to New York to watch her son play.”

She says the school isn’t even allowing the parents to come inside the buildings to use the restrooms.

“To not even provide a restroom to make parents go to the bathroom in the woods. That’s the final straw,” said Spellman.

Better hang onto it: you may need straw in those woods.


12:20 pm on November 10, 2021

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