The Real Cause of Muslim Terrorism

According to Britain’s Foreign Office, it’s not irrational aspects of modern Islam or Anglo-American imperialism or murder of Muslim civilians but, of course, “racism.” As noted in a Sunday Daily Mail article, “Wish you Waziristan: The bizarre Foreign Office video designed to stop young Muslims becoming extremists”:

The Foreign Office has been accused of wasting taxpayers’ money on an animated film designed to stop Muslim teenagers from becoming Islamic extremists.

Officials have spent about £33,000 on Wish You Waziristan, a cautionary tale of two young British Muslim brothers who decide to join a group of Islamic fighters on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

But critics, including members of the Muslim community, have questioned the wisdom of the film, which has been branded naive and simplistic.

The cartoon, which combines computer game-style graphics and teenage street slang, opens with a failed attempt by the brothers to launch a grenade from a mountain-top in the Waziristan region of Pakistan.

It then switches into flashback mode and viewers learn how the pair got to an extremists’ training camp from their home in Britain.

The story is told from the point of view of the unnamed younger brother, who has little time for the cause and has agreed to become involved only out of respect for his older brother Abu.

Abu’s journey on the road to extremism begins when he is just 11 years old and he and two white friends are targeted by racists while they are playing football on a beach.

The brothers are then shown watching a series of training videos featuring Osama Bin Laden before joining the fighters in Waziristan.


Following the failure of the grenade-launching mission, the brothers return to the UK, only to be arrested. The film ends with Abu writing to his brother asking for forgiveness.

What bizarre state propaganda. I could not find the original video on YouTube; apparently it was taken down due to the controversy; but one SkyNews report about it, showing clips from it, is below.


2:51 pm on May 30, 2011