The Prophetic Ron Paul

It is always unwise to disagree with Ron Paul on the economy, the warfare state, the welfare state, or civil liberties. He is so right thanks to a first-class mind and vast and deep reading, applied in theory and history. He is also a prophet. Decades ago, he warned, for example, of the “plunge-protection team” at the Treasury and Fed, and that it would intervene to buy stocks and bonds to keep Wall Street happy. Ron was demonized as a conspiracy theorist. Today, it is conventional wisdom that the central bank, guided by the Treasury, does this. Ron is right as well about the deleterious effects.

Years ago, Ron also warned that the state, the Fed, and the banksters wanted a cashless society, in order to abolish the last remnants of financial privacy, and to further empower the regime and its banks against the people. Again, he was demonized. Today, the move to a cashless society is open and relentless, here and abroad. Ron is right about the motives and the effects, as well.

I could give many other examples of Ron’s ability–not unusual in great entrepreneurs but rare in public intellectuals–to see into the future so accurately. Just pay attention to every word he says.


10:18 am on April 20, 2015