The Principality Behind the Plandemic

From the beginning, the plandemic beggared belief. 

For starters, the numbers of fatalities and sick were absurdly small, especially when compared with the draconian reaction: whole American states shut down over 12 or 13 alleged cases! 

Second, proceedings internationally were astoundingly uniform. Regardless of their history, traditions, or culture, countries locked their populations into their homes while ordering masks and anti-social distancing; the only difference lay in how brutally they enforced their diktats. How and why did the government of Italy, for example, behave just as Japan’s did? That’s not how things normally work. 

And churches stunned me even more. Again, almost to a congregation, they behaved identically, regardless of their denomination and theology (or lack thereof); a liberal Roman Catholic church in New York City closed on virtually the same day, and with the same excuses, as a conservative Baptist chapel in the suburbs of Mobile or an Eastern Orthodox one in San Diego.

How can that be? Neither trends nor people respond that way—especially to a goad as radical and unprecedented as indefinitely suspending worship. 

It would have been bad and unbelievable enough had a few churches shut their doors mid-March, with more doing so by the end of the month, and then 50 or 60% by May or June. But virtually all of them? And all by March 20 or so? And every last one of them prattling about “loving our neighbors” and “honoring our governor” while exclusively citing the CDC and WHO? 

Sorry, that’s just not reasonable. It doesn’t accord with human nature or reality.

And it’s eerie. Very eerie.

I have long suspected some other force was at work—and I was right. I discovered Our Rulers were manipulating Parson Goat. But still, their success was too overwhelming to be credible; again, this isn’t how people normally behave. No matter how much pressure you exert or bribes you offer, some folks, particularly those with strong principles and beliefs, will resist.  

Yet I saw men I had respected as stalwart emissaries of Jesus Christ, pastors I had sworn would go to the stake for Him, shut their churches as soon as their respective fuhrers “suggested” it. Aside from a couple—and I mean that quite literally—heroes here and there, no clergy quibbled, let alone objected, let alone sued their state-houses for such unconstitutional infringement of liberty; none polled their members to see whether they should continue to hold services; none preached against it. Rather, Parsons Goat by the thousands raced to see who could slam his doors the fastest and loudest before popping up en masse on Zoom.

Forgive the repetition, but this violates all of history and experience. People’s reactions always vary, and widely. How can they have been so entirely unified this one time?

Which brings us back to that other force at work. Not only was the State suborning Parson Goat and people in general, the demonic realm that animates and controls political government was as well. Yep, I mean Satan. He is real, he is the prince of this world, and I have long assumed he’s behind the outrageous, inexplicable, and nigh total success Our Rulers have enjoyed in this shamdemic.

But how do I prove such a thesis? Well, fortunately I don’t have to: someone else has done that hard work. From Mr. Anonymous comes the link to an article as lengthy—and riveting—as its title: “Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, ‘Social Separation’ and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order.” The author has connected a multitude of dots to prove that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Last night as I fell asleep, I wondered drowsily whether I’d wear a mask if someone somewhere honestly and conclusively proved they’d protect either me or others. I woke with a start, utterly revolted. NO, my spirit cried, I won’t! Never! There’s something unutterably creepy about these masks and about the universal insistence on them. I’d almost rather die than muzzle myself. (And perhaps it will one day come to that.)

Now, thanks to “Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus,” I understand why this nightmare so horrifies us:

Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.

Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission…a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others who are not your usual Sovereign. …”

If this piece intrigues you as it does me, please send me your thoughts on it.


4:37 pm on July 11, 2020