• The Power Elite

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    Shape-shifting and metamorphosis is a popular motif in folklore and fantasy fiction.  It is also notable in elite punditry, Walter Lippmann being the hoary exemplar or perennial role model.  Such highly-esteemed establishment journalists must possess a cat-like agility and servile deference to the state while deftly advancing their career paths through the corridors of power and prestige.  As someone who has previously written for The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard,  Newsweek, and The Atlantic Monthly, the clever, ever wily neocon David Brooks is such an ambidextrous individual.  He presently is a columnist for The New York Times. Brooks, author of Bobos in Paradise:  The New Upper Class and How They Got There, has an interesting piece concerning the dark travails and mishaps of “the Power Elite” of which he serves as scribe.

    He praises the meritocratic multicultural pluralism of today’s emerging elite.  Scruptiously “politically correct” (as all good neocons are) Brooks does not bemoan the disappearance of the monolithic WASP establishment of yesteryear, the wistful days of Elihu Root and Henry L. Stimson and their proteges — the Harrimans, the Dulleses, the Bundys, McCloys, Achesons, Lovetts, and Bohlens.  He simply disdains the absence of unifying solidarity in today’s leadership class, its transparency, its lack of vision and purpose.  In short, its absence of Fuhrerprinzip. For a more cogent assessment of this process, the attentive reader is referred here and here.


    2:09 pm on February 20, 2010