The Opposite of “Woke” . . .

. . . is reality.  The word “woke” is supposed to be slang for “awoke,” meaning a “woke” person finally caught on to what is really going on in the world (and doesn’t like it much at all).  The word stands reality on its head.  It means the opposite of reality.  It really means that someone is awoken to the idiotic fantasies and daydreams of the Lunatic Left.  Sorry Lunatic Left, but a man cannot become a woman by simply declaring himself to be a woman.  The world will not end in twelve years unless we are forced to pay $50/gallon for gas and have our electric bills quintupled with “carbon taxes.”  Setting fire to police stations and courthouses, looting Macy’s, and beating Kyle Rittenhouse over the head with a skateboard and chasing him through the streets of Kenosha with a loaded pistol in your hand is not “peaceful protesting.”

Larry Elder is not “the black face of white supremacy” as the L.A. Times called him, and neither is the recently-elected black Republican lieutenant governor of Virginia.  The country that elected a (half) black president twice, and which millions of black and brown people from Haiti, Central and South America and elsewhere are risking their lives to come to is not hopelessly and inherently racist.  (On the other hand, those of you who support race-based hiring and university admission and preach “critical race theory” are racists).


6:16 am on November 7, 2021

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