The Nursing Home Scam

Here in Florida, which the governor recently referred to as “God’s waiting room” because of the large population of elderly retirees, everyone knows about the fragility of life in the nursing homes and assisted-living places.  These places are packed with elderly people with very weak immune systems (partly because they are stuck inside in sunny Florida) and multiple, pre-existing serious illnesses.  Once the New Yorkers begin flooding South Florida in the fall, bringing all their frozen-North diseases with them, the sounds of coughing and sneezing in public become very noticeable and there is a spike in the following:  many in the nursing homes catch a cold, the weak immune system allows it to turn into pneumonia, followed by death.  In a sense, this year is no different from any other, there’s just a different strain of cold virus going around, albeit a very nasty one for a small segment of the population.

Florida is of course not the only state where this occurs; it is just more notorious for it because of the demographics.  One Big Secret that is zealously guarded by all the Lefty lockdown worshippers who pray that our economy will be completely ruined by election day is that close to half of all reported and recorded-by-the-CDC COVID-19 deaths in the country have been in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.  It’s likely that another 10-20 percent are from the already-sick elderly living at home.

Minnesota leads the way with 81.7% of all COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, followed by Rhode Island with 75%, New Hampshire with 72%, and Pennsylvania with 67%.  The fact that this was used to lockdown the entire country, and not just the nursing homes, is a diabolical crime for which every governor who, in his or her best Nazi imitation, ordered a lockdown, should be arrested, hauled away in handcuffs in public, convicted, and imprisoned.  After being tarred and feathered.

(Footnote:  An example of how a weak immune system -from whatever cause — can lead to death by pneumonia is the death of the one of the most famous military generals in American history, General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.  At the end of his great victory at the Battle of Chancellorsville, arguably the greatest flanking maneuver of all time that caught the entire Army of the Potomac by complete surprise, Jackson was out front with his staff pursing the enemy.  He was accidentally shot by his own sentries and his arm had to be amputated.  His eventual cause of death, after recovering nicely from the surgery, was pneumonia).


8:15 am on May 20, 2020