The Newest Protected Class: Soldiers

Coming soon to America will no doubt be the newest protected class in the UK–soldiers. The shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, said that too many soldiers “continue to face discrimination.” Says Mr. Murphy: “Today still too many of our Forces continue to face discrimination, whether in the workplace or when they go about their daily lives.” The Labour Party will be tabling amendments to the Defence Reform Bill in a bid to increase the punishments given to anyone who commits a crime against service personnel. Members of the military would be put “in the same bracket as disabled, gay, transgender and ethnic minority crime victims.” It seems that 20 percent of troops polled said that “members of the public had shouted abuse at them while they were wearing their uniform.” These soldiers should come to the US so they can be cheered when they get off the plane. No matter that they will be in their UK soldier uniform–most military-worshiping Americans wouldn’t even notice.


7:13 am on November 27, 2013